Director of Promotions and Marketing

Seeking a creative, organized, professional, and detail-oriented individual as a Director of Promotions and Marketing, a hands-on managerial role at Streamline Art, which serves passionate online art communities and tribes. 

Your skills of multiple disciplines and platforms are required involving planning, implementation, brand-building, PR, advertising (online, social, and traditional), direct marketing, and promotion utilizing both digital and non-digital media. The role is much like an agency, with multiple brands, products, and funnels.

Work remotely but prefer the Austin area for onsite projects and planning. Must have transportation, and ability to freely travel internationally for possible projects.

Streamline Art is primarily an art-focused company, dealing continually with artists, art collectors, art galleries, and people within the art world, providing live events, virtual events, video training, and more with the world’s leading artists. We publish print magazines, online newsletters, websites, digital e-commerce products, and more. 

We’re seeking someone with proven experience in moving the needle for sales (examples will be requested) and a strong understanding of both digital and non-digital marketing.  


  • Develop marketing strategy for multiple launches, funnels, products, and events
  • Oversee digital advertising, remarketing-retargeting, organic content, social media strategy for the company and all related brands, including paid marketing
  • Oversee and develop campaigns and promotions
  • Manage execution of daily output on all social platforms in collaboration with the company marketing team
  • Interaction with the community on social media, including increasing interaction scores with answers to comments and questions 
  • Develop, negotiate, and nurture relationships with influencers, schedule interviews and broadcasts
  • Create concepts, execute social content through a team of designers and writers (video, graphics, memes, infographics, audio, podcasts, imagery, etc.)
  • Monitor analytics, engagement, and growth and share data with the team in a weekly dashboard
  • Create content strategy
  • Develop promotional concepts, contests, and challenges
  • Develop and monitor lead-generation campaigns
  • Coordinate efforts with social media advertising team
  • Oversee and adjust headlines, leads, and jaw-dropping, attention-getting content
  • Manage aspects of private Facebook groups
  • SEO traffic-driving experience
  • Keep up on trends in social media and social media advertising


  • Degree or deep experience in Marketing, Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, or Communications
  • Strong writing, grammar, and storytelling ability 
  • Expert in all social media platforms and tools/software for scheduling
  • Current on changes in trends, regulations, standards in social media and related platforms
  • Creative thinking and solutions
  • Experience with analytics and software
  • Self-motivated without supervision
  • Strong organizational and management skills with ability to juggle multiple projects and teams daily
  • Ability to manage tight deadlines
  • Flexibility for game-changing moments at the last minute
  • Driven to develop and keep passionate customers 

Our Values:

  • Can-do “I’ll always find a way” attitude rules 
  • Supportive of the team you work with
  • Enthusiastic and team player
  • Constant innovation and experimentation and finding new and better ways to do things
  • Obsession with personal growth and skills
  • Entrepreneurial thinking — we despise bureaucracy
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to constant change
  • Constant personal and professional growth
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Excellence in all things
  • Deep integrity and values

Compensation will be based on the skills of the individual and their fit for this role.

Please follow instructions exactly. 

Follow up with a SINGLE document (not multiple) in a single PDF.

  • Include a cover letter outlining which of the skills you possess and how you would rate yourself in each (1-10 basis). 
  • Tell us about your superpowers, where you want to grow, and what you hope to do with your life
  • Include resume
  • Demonstrate roles that make you perfect for this job
  • Include salary requirements and amount made in current or most recent role
  • Tell us who you follow/track for personal development in the above-mentioned disciplines and what courses or training you have under your belt.
  • Provide specific examples of work you have done in the aforementioned disciplines

Send resumes to

Streamline Publishing is an equal opportunity employer and selects and evaluates all candidates based on skills, ability, experience, training, attitude, character, ability to work with and collaborate with others, and other relevant factors. Our policy is to fill every position without regard to race, color, religion, sex, creed, gender, marital status, age, or sexual orientation.