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The online home of the premier magazine for informed collectors.

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PleinAir Collector

The online home of PleinAir for collectors.

Fine Art Today

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PleinAir Today Newsletter

PleinAir Today is a weekly newsletter about plein air painting, artists, and gallery openings.

Artist Marketing

Artist Marketing

Sell more paintings, more quickly, and earn what your art is really worth.

Outdoor Painter

Outdoor Painter

The home of PleinAir magazine.

Plein Air Salon

PleinAir Salon

The PleinAir Salon Competition is an annual art contest designed to stimulate artistic growth through competition and to reward artists through recognition and $21,000 in total cash prizes.

Art Events

Publisher's Invitational

Publisher’s Invitational

PleinAir publisher Eric Rhoads invites you to be one of 100-plus people to paint for a week in June.

Plein Air Convention

Plein Air Convention

“The Woodstock of Plein Air Painting.”

Vienna-BerlinArtTrip_logo (1)

Fine Art Trip

Tenth annual Fine Art Trip.

Fall Color Week

Join PleinAir Spend a Week Working On Your Painting In Paradise


Figurative Art Convention & Expo

The Figurative Art Convention & Expo is designed to be hands-on; attendees can paint, grow, and become inspired in a fun, non-stuffy environment.